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Student Office Assistant
Non Work-study

Hiring Information
Hiring Unit: PB Sci-EE Biology
Pay Rate: 12.00
Final Filing Date: Until Filled
Employment Date: TO
Hours: 10 - 20
Job Description
Skills Required: The Student Office Assistant must be friendly, courteous, patient, and work well in a team environment, and have excellent interpersonal, communication, organizational and computer skills.
• Knowledge of office procedures and standard office equipment.
• Using Macintosh or personal computers, and word processing skills to convert html news items into PDF form; enter data into databases, complete electronic and hard copy filing, sort data in excel, and perform name look ups with accuracy;
• Work with unit staff on multiple detail oriented projects with overlapping deadlines and demands;

Abilities and Skills:
• Excellent communication, and public relations skills; good working knowledge of excel;
• Ability to maintain accuracy and strict attentiveness to detail;
• Speak and write with clarity and grammatical correctness to give concise, accurate, reliable information;
• Accuracy in spelling and math;
• Organizational skills sufficient to multitask and manage work for a variety of
concurrent projects and assignments while experiencing frequent interruptions.
• A willingness to learn new information and tasks quickly, and the ability to prioritize tasks in order of importance;
• Take initiative to determine what needs to be done in the office, while following established office duties and protocols;
• Work in a team and independently, seeking assistance as needed;
• Exercise discretion in handling confidential information and materials;
• Demonstrate reliability and responsibility;
• Maintain accurate records and assimilate and summarize information concisely and accurately;
• Work in team situations with flexibility and willingness to undertake special projects or have work assignments/priorities change;
• Interpersonal and communications skills to effectively and tactfully interact with diverse groups of people;
Skills Preferred: Excel, Google Docs and Sheets
Percentage of Time Duty
40% Convert html news items received in an email into PDF format removing all html coding; return results to originator and the save a copy of results into database; complete electronic and hard copy filing;
50% Perform name lookup in database; perform routine data entry;
10% Perform excel data sorting;
Courses Required:
Computer Keyboarding Filing Alpha
Macintosh Numerical
Windows Color
Unix Driving Car
Word Processing Truck
Spreadsheet Other Lifting
Databases Fingerprinting Required
Other Hazardous Substances
Special Comments: Job is located at the UC Santa Cruz, Scotts Valley campus at 100 Enterprise Way. Transportation will be provided.

Per the Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act (CANRA), this position has been identified as a Mandated Reporter. The selected candidate will be required to report known or suspected child abuse or neglect as defined by CANRA and will be required to sign a Statement Acknowledging Requirement to Report Child Abuse prior to commencing employment. CANRA Penal Codes, and related definitions, requirements, and responsibilities may be obtained here: 12000&file=11164-11174.3 More Information

Payroll Information
Service Team: SHR Operations
Hiring Supervisior: Dorough, Monika
Supervisor Phone: 831-459-1643
Supervisor Email:
Account Numbers: 7-728414-1118-66052-2
Home Department: 000270
Classification: Assistant IV
Title Code: 4919
Date Approved: 9-9-2019


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