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Records Assistant
Non Work-study

Hiring Information
Hiring Unit: Financial Aid Office
Pay Rate: 12.00
Final Filing Date: 5/29/19 or
Until Filled
Employment Date: TO 2020-06-30 00:0
Hours: 15-40
Schedule: open
Job Description
Skills Required: Under the supervision of the Records Unit Coordinator, the Records Assistant helps maintain the Financial Aid & Scholarship Office records system. This position requires excellent organizational and clerical skills including attention to detail, accuracy with data entry and ability to work efficiently with high volumes of paperwork and deadlines. The applicant must be team & goal oriented yet able to work independently. Ability to perform other office duties as assigned.
Skills Preferred: Ability to follow oral and written instructions, Accuracy with data entry. Possible availability for summer non work study position.
Percentage of Time Duty
50% Mail- Receives and prepares incoming Financial Aid application support documents for image capture. Records Assistant will follow proper procedures including routing all mail to its correct destination while following office procedures and confidentiality guidelines.
10% Paperless Document Storage Transition Project - Assists with the scanning of remaining physical student files in order to complete the transition to paperless document storage. Also supports the staff with research and location of physical files when needed.
40% Document Processing- Participates in the review of all incoming documents, screening for completeness; will prepare and scan documents daily as received while following quality assurance standards.
Courses Required:
Computer Keyboarding Filing Alpha
Macintosh Numerical
Windows Color
Unix Driving Car
Word Processing Truck
Spreadsheet Other Lifting
Databases Fingerprinting Required
Other Hazardous Substances
Special Comments: Applicants must be able to work 5-15 hours a week through June 16. The job then transitions to a Summer job @ 30-40 hours a week through the end of Summer 2019
Payroll Information
Service Team: SHR Operations
Hiring Supervisior: Covey, Stephanie
Supervisor Phone: 831-459-4466
Supervisor Email:
Account Numbers: 7-680250-3156-19900-2
Home Department: 000301
Classification: Assistant IV
Title Code: 4919
Date Approved: 5-23-2019


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