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SSA Administrative Assistant
Non Work-study

Hiring Information
Hiring Unit: Housing Services
Pay Rate: 11.50
Final Filing Date: 1/5/18 or
Until Filled
Employment Date: 2018-01-01 00:0 TO 2018-06-18 00:0
Hours: 10 - 12
Schedule: Varies
Job Description
Skills Required: Standard office skills (computer, printers, phones). Organized. Familiar with UCSC sustainability. Previous work experience with sustainability issues and/or programming; social media knowledge.

Skills Preferred: Previous work experience with sustainability issues and/or programming; social media knowledge
Percentage of Time Duty
40% Student Sustainability Adviser Management
Provide ongoing support for SSAs through regular communication (phone, email, 1-on-1 meetings); time/program tracking; campus resource (Campus Sustainability Plan) support/referral; social media oversight;
20% Interviewing, Training, and Professional Development
Assist SSA Supervisor in interviewing, developing training, providing ongoing professional development;
30% Administrative Support
Assist in development of weekly meeting agendas/minutes; liaison with campus resources to foster collaboration and cooperation of sustainability and housing realms on campus;
10% Special Projects/Programs
Assist in development of special projects/programs; serve as liaison to campus committees as necessary.
Courses Required:
Computer Keyboarding Filing Alpha
Macintosh Numerical
Windows Color
Unix Driving Car
Word Processing Truck
Spreadsheet Other Lifting
Databases Fingerprinting Required
Other Hazardous Substances
Special Comments: Applicants must include a cover letter and resume describing in a few paragraphs the reasons they are interested in this position and any supervision or leadership experience they have.
Previous on-campus housing experience required. On-campus housing is not required for this position, however must be available for morning, evening, weekend meetings/work as needed.
Offer is contingent on enrollment, academic and conduct status.
Payroll Information
Service Team: SHR Operations
Hiring Supervisior: Lee, Kristen
Supervisor Phone: 831-459-3889
Supervisor Email:
Account Numbers: 761978-414A-70499-HOCONT-2
Home Department: 000361
Classification: Assistant IV
Title Code: 4919
Date Approved: 1-31-2018


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