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FSWG/CASFS Land-Based Co-Chair
Non Work-study

Hiring Information
Hiring Unit: Social Sciences - Agroecology
Pay Rate: 12.00
Final Filing Date: 7/1/18 or
Until Filled
Employment Date: TO 2018-07-01 00:0
Hours: 10 to 19
Job Description
Skills Required: Demonstrated commitment to campus food networks and issues of accessibility and access.

Ability to effectively and efficiently communicate with diverse stakeholders in a professional manner: both in written and spoken form.

Ability to work as part of a diverse and fast paced team.

Competence (knowledge, skills, and attitudes) in organic production methods, harvesting, marketing, and sales.

Competence in completing and facilitating internship programming focused on field-based farm production systems.

Competence in managing excel data sheets for record keeping.
Ability to drive a car, truck, and van.

Competence with field experiments, collecting field data, handling data collection equipment.

Experience with courses related to agroecology and food systems offered through ENVS and related UCSC departments, or related college experience from outside UCSC.

Skills Preferred: Competence with working with machinery.

Percentage of Time Duty
45% Overlooking daily and weekly operations of the Group, such as creating meeting agendas and facilitating core team meetings

Maintaining consistent communication internally, and externally with other organizations

Identify and outreach to networks across the campus food systems

Marketing and exposing the Group’s projects to the rest of campus

Promoting and organizing quarterly festivals/mixers (such as the Harvest Festival, Student Leadership Mixer, and Strawberry & Justice Festival - events)

Weekend and holiday support as needed
45% Support Field Managers in facilitating students engagement in all production related activities: propagation, planting, weeding, irrigating, harvesting, cultivating, rodent control, general site maintenance.

Support Manager in produce marketing, post-harvest, and delivery for connection with dining halls, student pop-up, food pantry, and additional avenues.

Support Manager in research field preparations and management, related to production and data collection.
Update and maintain training materials for the position, to aid in training the next students to fill position.

Train incoming staff in Spring

Provide ongoing assistance for the daily operations of CASFS: administrative, record keeping, building institutional connections

Weekend and holiday support as needed
10% Perform outreach for CASFS/FSWG as needed

Weekend and holiday support as needed
Courses Required:
Computer Keyboarding Filing Alpha
Macintosh Numerical
Windows Color
Unix Driving Car
Word Processing Truck
Spreadsheet Other Lifting
Databases Fingerprinting Required
Other Hazardous Substances
Special Comments: Please submit resume and cover letter with application.
Payroll Information
Service Team: SHR Operations
Hiring Supervisior: Wong,Darryl
Supervisor Phone: 831-459-3604
Supervisor Email:
Account Numbers: 7-445075-2050-69085-AGFAS-2
Home Department: 000580
Classification: Assistant IV
Title Code: 4919
Date Approved: 5-30-2017


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