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Colleges 9 & 10 Garden Club Lead
Non Work-study

Hiring Information
Hiring Unit: College Nine & College Ten
Pay Rate: 12.00
Final Filing Date: 6/23/19 or
Until Filled
Employment Date: TO 2019-06-23 00:0
Hours: 5
Schedule: Varies
Job Description
Skills Required: Education or experience in one or more of the following areas: gardening, horticulture, plant science, or strong desire to learn how to grow, build and maintain a garden. Strong communication skills; organizational skills and leadership experience; experience working in a team environment; cultural competency skills
Skills Preferred: Ability to work outside and lift and move garden materials.
Percentage of Time Duty
40% Work in the Garden
60% The four employees will serve as the leaders of the Colleges 9 & 10 Garden Club. Primary responsibilities will be delegated among employees:
-Plan and facilitate meetings with the Garden Club.
-Coordinate Garden events, special events, and outreach as needed
-Collaborate with garden staff and Garden Club to develop a strategic plan.
-Track grant cycles, delegating grant writing responsibilities and maintaining the fiscal archive.
- Build outreach by sending weekly emails and all correspondences to the students interested in the Garden Club. Send all correspondences about upcoming events in a timely manner. Maintain an update email list of students involved and interested in the Garden Club.
- Maintain notes from the meetings and following a consistent template of note taking and are archived. In addition, making sure that the next steps on the notes are delegated to Garden Club members with oversight from a staff member.
-Develop facilitation and leadership skills while mentoring incoming student leadership

The four employees will all have four different foci in the garden:

Compost and Soils Manager will maintain relations with the apartments to continue to provide compost. They will also explore outreach to other sites on campus for compost collection. They will maintain oversight of the soils, compost, fertilizers and general overall health of the garden soils.

Grounds Planning & Crop Manager will be responsible for planning the planting cycles of the garden beds. They will consult with garden club members, propose different annuals and make sure that the plants represent a diverse swath of foods and herbs from across the world.

Grounds Planning & Crop Manager will be responsible for planning the planting of the trees and perennials in the garden. This includes annual flowers and the maintenance of the perennials. They will study the different native and global herbal varieties and edible plants to organize plantings that relate to the themes of the garden.

Education Coordinator will organize an educational experience for visitors to the garden so they can learn about the histories of the land, the cultivation strategies in the garden, the people who work in the garden, and make sure that the space is representative of the dynamic and diverse student body in Colleges Nine and Ten and UCSC in general.
Courses Required:
Computer Keyboarding Filing Alpha
Macintosh Numerical
Windows Color
Unix Driving Car
Word Processing Truck
Spreadsheet Other Lifting
Databases Fingerprinting Required
Other Hazardous Substances
Special Comments:
Payroll Information
Service Team: SHR Operations
Hiring Supervisior: Beckett, Linnea
Supervisor Phone: 415-342-7127
Supervisor Email:
Account Numbers: 7-680511-2929-20361-C9GARD-2
Home Department: 000358
Classification: Assistant IV
Title Code: 4919
Date Approved: 4-6-2018


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